About us

We offer the best healthy and fresh berries!

We have had our hands in the berry business for 17 years and know the secret of good berries. We only have the best berries you have ever tasted. We pick and sell only ripe and sweet produce, unlike bananas that are harvested while they are still unripe and green.

Being customer-oriented.

Client is the center of our attention. We take notice of and care about our customers. We strive for best customer experience: we are attentive and really listen to our customers – we offer more than just basics in customer service.

Taking initiative.

We are eager and precise. Every employee is like an independent entrepreneur, offering increasingly new business approaches and expanding their expertise. At the same time, we work towards our common goal and respect our company.

Sustainable and bold.

We make bold decisions. Our goal is to ensure the sustainability of our company and make sure our customers keep visiting us again. We are eager to experiment and even ready to fail, in order to keep developing. We are tough, we won’t give up, we are here to stay. We are constantly evolving -our work is never finished!

Reliable and competent.

We are sincere, confident and we take responsibility for our words, actions and promises. We value knowledge and competence. We’re always ready to share the expertise of our produce with customers and we want them to be informed and content. We are experts in our field and we are constantly expanding our knowledge.

Team players.

We value teamwork and strive towards one common goal – customer satisfaction. We value each employee of our team: we give honest feedback and are eager to lend a helping hand. We are constantly on the lookout for new colleagues, who are diligent and eager to work.

No Bananas salesperson: I am the sales talent of fresh and healthy berries!

1. I take pride in working for No Bananas.

It is up to me to ensure customer satisfaction, grow the success of the company and secure my paycheck. I am an expert in our produce and I make sure our customers are satisfied – happy enough to keep coming back and to recommend us to their family and friends. I am a loyal employee and I respect my employer’s property.

2. I am a radiant, polite and tidy person.

I make sure to look presentable throughout the whole workday; I always wear a clean work outfit and a nametag. I am aware that common courtesy along with a pleasant smile are most important in good customer service. I greet the customers, use words such as thank you, you’re welcome and good-bye. I ensure my workplace looks presentable and tidy throughout the whole day: I regularly check the display, the counter and price tags. During my working hours I only deal with work matters.

3. I take initiative.

I am an active salesperson and I am able to make decisions independently. It is important for me to notice shortcomings – I take responsibility for systematically improving my work, as well as the company’s business. I seek new approaches to better counter and produce display and customer relations. I respond to customers individually and I am able to present innovative produce sales pitches. I know that my honest feedback to the company’s management will be considered and appreciated.

4. I am a cheerful and open person.

My working day begins and ends with being in a good mood. I can manage my sometimes routine work through being precise and quick. I am cheerful and active in communication with customers. I won’t let anything get me down.

5. I want everyone to taste our sweet berries.

I notice passersby and invite them to taste our berries. For us, every passerby is a potential customer. I am confident yet polite in all interactions with our clients.
I notice people passing by and invite them to taste our berries. For us, every passerby is a potential customer.
I want to be the best!
I am an ambitious salesperson. I knowingly use sales strategies and am creative whilst communicating with a customer, trying to win them over. In addition to a done deal, I offer the client our other produce for tasting. I know our produce, I am proud of our company and I am willing to show it.